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“It’s a great comfort to know my sister is so well cared for”
(Resident’s sister)

Summerhill is not just a home, but a family too. Everyone is made to feel welcome and cared for, and we value each resident’s individuality. There are few rules and timetables because we want our residents to be calm and relaxed.

  • No smoking allowed inside, but an outdoor area is designated for smoking.
  • Every room has a telephone, calls are included.
  • Laundry facility is well equipped and organised.
  • Every room has a locked cabinet and residents can insure their possessions.
  • There is a modern, automatic fire safety system. We will carry out PAT tests on all electrical equipment brought into the home before use.
  • Visitors are welcome at all times.Well behaved pets are allowed in the rooms.

Summerhill produces a Statement of Purpose, which is regularly reviewed and can be read by anyone who’s interested. The Care Quality Commission inspects the home regularly to ensure it complies with Care Standards. In its Inspection Report, CQC have confirmed that Summerhill is fully compliant in all areas. The Report is available to all.

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Summerhill is well known for its superb restaurant reputation. Our cook’s marvellous culinary skills translate into delectable gourmet meals every day of the week. We offer an extensive, nutritious menu providing variety and choices, according to your preferences.

Meals are served in our elegant restaurant style dining room and are always appetising and well presented. You may dine in your own room if you wish and you can expect your meal to be hot, tasty and beautifully served. Assistance is always on hand at mealtimes should you require it. Visitors are welcome to join us for meals and we are happy to incorporate new suggestions into our menu.

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“Summerhill provides a very special and personal service to mum”
(Resident’s family)

At Summerhill, we offer you a varied and stimulating programme of entertaining activities. This includes excercise classes, aromatherapy, massages, relaxation, arts and crafts, poetry, bingo and flower arranging. Besides the weekly activities plan, there is a library, a DVD player, large flat screen television, high quality sound system and newspapers delivered daily.

We will encourage you to pursue your own interests and hobbies and staff are delighted to assist whenever necessary. Family members and the community are always invited to volunteer with activities and events. You are welcome to host friends and relatives for meals or tea whenever you wish.


Special events at Summerhill are special indeed when celebrated together. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Bonfire night are all marked with joyful festivities, whilst garden parties, barbeques and theme days are planned regularly to enhance the cheerful atmosphere.

A minister visits Summerhill once a month and you can be taken to other religious services if you wish. Trips are organised outside the home to museums and tourist spots in a ‘Summerhill Trippers’ van and if you are able to use it, public transport is easily accessible.
Our residents delight in the surrounding area of Alnwick, with its variety of quaint, picturesque shops and cafes all within walking distance.

“It’s wonderful to be so well looked after.”
(Summerhill Resident in CQC Report Dec 15)